SMP manufacturing resources are perpetually focused on earning recognition as your "Best In Class" plastic injection molding partner. SMP's Operating System (S.O.S.) has created a culture that is focused on waste elimination in order to maximize value to our customers. We monitor Key Process Indicators continually and aggressively drive root cause analysis and countermeasure implementation to lead us toward improvements. Our unending commitment to continuous improvement is supported by SMP's Operating System, and evidenced by our long standing "blue chip" customer relationships along with our ISO/TS certification. SMP's core competencies come together during product realization to produce impeccable quality plastic injection molded components, on-time, with the least amount of variability and waste. SMP focuses on maximizing value to our customers (whether value is gauged by product quality, delivery performance, lead-time, or customer service experience) through the dogged application of World Class Manufacturing tools & techniques.

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